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if you have a question, are looking for catering or just want to say hello - feel free to get in contact! (phone calls available during business hours)

If we are unable to answer, we are busy building tacos!! 




0482176520 (RGBM-Brewery/ Bookings)


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mission statement 

bringing the community together through service, produce and sustainability one taco at a time.


where we started...

the passion for food was born back in my childhood home - canada. 

as I got older, my passion for food grew and developed the more I experienced and traveled.

coming to australia an idea emerged, I wanted to infuse my travel experience and love for food, together - naturally, the tortilla became the perfect vessel to bring it all together.


I strive to make this, the business, the community and the passion, feel like you're going on those journeys with me - each and every time you enjoy  tacos at gringa.


I love to support and shop local, as well as do everything in my power to keep our earth happy and healthy - thanks for your support!

spicy greetings - brick + the gringa gang

our values


team - we support fellow team members, our guests and our suppliers as we would our own family; we take pride and interest in their personal growth and success.


approachable - we create an inviting atmosphere that is genuine and approachable at all times for our team members, our guests and our suppliers

community - we strive to provide positive contributions to our communities through our charitable initiatives, sustainable practices, and overall community involvement. We understand that we are fortunate to have the ability to make these contributions.


open - we pledge to remain true to our commitment to provide an approachable atmosphere, extraordinary guest experiences and fresh quality food and beverage while achieving growth and financial prosperity.


sustainability - we have and obligation to ourselves, our guests and our planet to operate using ethical business practices.


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